Frozen Delights: Gourmet Popsicles

Hawksworth’s Bel Café

Earlier this summer, chef David Hawksworth introduced housemade ice cream and popsicles at Bel Café. Constantly searching for new items to keep things fresh, he’s more than succeeded with these locally sourced delights. The popsicles—mountainberry Tealeaves tea with raspberry and lemon; strawberry citrus; and blackberry lime—are made with fruit from Fraser Valley farms and Okanagan orchards. Good as they are, they’re only available until September. (But the ice cream will stick around.)

Flavour to try: The blackberry and lime bar is sweet and tangy, with whole berries frozen in.

Where to go: 801 W. Georgia St., in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

Johnny’s Pops

Serving handmade popsicles from a bright red freezer mounted on a custom bike, Johnny Wikkerink got into making frozen treats for fun, and started selling them on the seawall in May of last year during dragon boat races. His flavours combine fruits, vegetables, sweets, and spices. Some ingredients, like mango and avocado, are necessarily from elsewhere, but berries, rhubarb, and peaches come from local farms. The limes are always fresh squeezed.

Flavour to try: The best part of the mango yogurt strawberry popsicle is where the yogurt meets the fruit, creating a creamsicle effect.

Where to go: You’ll often find him outside Science World near Olympic Village from 3:30-6 pm, or at local events around the city. Visit to pinpoint his location.

Nice Pops

Former wildlife biologist Melissa Hogg loves making things by hand and cycling, so making popsicles and selling them by bike seemed like the perfect career move. She started selling her pops in the summer of 2012, crafting them from local, seasonal fruit and fair trade, organic spices. Along the way she upgraded from a bike cooler to a handmade wooden cart, and now Nice Pops are available in 10 neighbourhood grocery stores and at farmers markets across town.

Flavour to try: It might be hard to imagine what an apricot salted caramel popsicle tastes like, but the distinct flavours tie together for a treat that’s a little briny, a lot sweet, and all good.

Where to go: Main Street Station Farmers Market  Wednesdays 3-7 pm, Yaletown Farmers Market  Thursdays 2-6 pm, and Mount Pleasant Farmers Market Sundays 10 am-2 pm. For a list of stores and other appearances, visit

Pro Tip: You can track Johnny’s Pops and Nice Pops on the Vancouver Street Food app. It’s also handy for keeping tabs on your favourite lunch trucks.