Little Dream Bird

Long ago are the days when baby accessories ran the Winnie the Pooh-gamut, but the dizzying scene of thousand-dollar strollers and designer duds can be off-putting in its own way too. So, we oohed and aahed when learning of the latest cute contender to jump into the fray, brand new local online-boutique

While you’re not likely to find anyone wearing mom jeans next to Little Dream Bird’s new line of specialty car seat and stroller covers, you will find sartorially savvy parents with a head for common sense: whether sailor-stripes or a glittery gold, every sharp style comes with quick-thinking features for moms-on-the-go. Pockets to stow away a phone, double-ended zippers, breathable fabrics, and reflective lining all keep your Mini-me snuggled safe in comfort and your hands free to pinch those chubby cheeks. From $75 in both heavyweight and lightweight options.