Our Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2017

Readers loved our coverage of the city’s best restaurants, coolest workspaces and intimate financial portraits.

We’ve got our favourite stories over here at the office, but it’s always interesting to see what strikes a chord with our readers—and the end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the food, real estate, wine and style stories that got everybody talking. Below, we’ve listed the 10 highest-traffic stories of 2017, but if you’ve got a favourite that didn’t make this list, let us know in the comments below.

(Photo: Ariana Gillrie.)

10. Opinion: It’s Time for 4/20 to Grow Up and Pay Up

Our then-senior editor Jessica Barrett weighed in on the great marijuana debate, provoking a heated argument on the merits of 4/20 in this pre-legalization era.

(Photo: Ariana Gillrie.)

9. How to Spend a Day Eating in Port Moody

Whenever we dish out some suburban love, it’s always a hit online, and this round-up of the best Port Moody eateries was no exception.

(Photo: Oliver Rathonyi, Reusz)

8. Cool Workspace: Inside the Kabam Vancouver Office

This Vancouver video game studio features nap pods, hammocks and a secret boardroom accessed through a Doctor Who TARDIS—so no surprises that this story inspired a few shares.

7. 8 Affordable Vancouver Wedding Venues

The cost of weddings in 2017 has become akin to taking out a mortgage for a house. But the good news is, we found a few wedding venues that didn’t have to break the bank.

(Photo: Clinton Hussey.)

6. Best Neighbourhood Restaurants for 2017

There’s no corner of this city where you can’t find some good eats, and these winners took home the trophies in their ’hoods.

(Photo: Carlo Ricci).

5. 17 Best Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver

Though downtown Vancouver can feel a little daunting to neighbourhood dwellers—yes, you do have to cross a bridge to get there—those willing to step outside their own 10-block radius are in for a treat.

4. Month-to-Month: Two UBC Admins Share Their Finances

Chris Payne and Joanna Hunter share parenting duties for their two-year old daughter, Elliott, a $200-per-month coffee habit, and a tendency to finish each other’s sentences. They also share their finances with our readers in this intriguing and intimate story.

3. The Okanagan’s Most Stunning Wineries

While dozens of wineries in the Okanagan have jaw-dropping views, these are the eight that have amped up their vineyards with buildings as beautiful as the surroundings.

2. The 50 Most Powerful People in Vancouver Right Now

Each year, with the help of our panel of industry insiders and experts, we pull together the definitive ranking of the most powerful movers and shakers in the city. Who made this year’s list of influencers? A surprising mix of politicians, activists, tech pros and philanthropists whose actions shape the city.

1. 2017 VanMag Restaurant Awards

This one was no surprise. Restaurant Awards is consistently our top story, year after year, because Vancouverites always want to know the best places to eat—and we’re always here to deliver a suggestion…or 30.