Reason to Love Vancouver #25: We Crowd Farmers’ Markets, Even in the Winter

A chill in the air won’t stop Vancouverites from hitting the market.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Vancouverites might have a bottomless appetite for kale. How else do you explain the proliferation of winter farmers’ markets—there’s Nat Bailey on Saturdays and Hastings Park on Sundays—that hawk the hearty green come sleet, come rain, come snow? Once a gathering of hard-core year-round farmers and 100-mile foodies, these November-to-April weekend events now bring together dozens of cheesemongers, seasonally savvy growers, breadsmiths (is that right?) and those with an insatiable hunger for all things local. Baby, it may be cold outside, but to a Vancouver foodie, farmers’ markets are always hot, hot, hot.

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