Reason to Love Vancouver #27: Our Snowstorms are Pretty in Pink

Cherry blossoms are the best part of spring.

While the rest of canada is still struggling with shovels and plows come early spring, Vancouverites are experiencing a snowfall of another variety: cherry blossom petals. But it’s not like we haven’t earned this little hit of natural whimsy. We tough it out through months of flat, all-consuming grey, through fog and sleet and downpours, all for the promise of that light at the end of the tunnel: spring, in all of its blossoming bubble-gum-pink glory. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival runs April 3 through 29, but you don’t need songs and haikus to celebrate our West Coast flower power—a detour down a side street, beneath a canopy of blooms, is poetry in and of itself.

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