Reason to Love Vancouver #5: When They’re Not Dive-Bombing Us, Crows Can Be Our Best Friends

Meet the crow who warmed up our cold, damp hearts.

A scrappy urban bird wouldn’t be everyone’s ideal sidekick, but for Vancouverite Shawn Bergman, Canuck the Crow is the perfect feathered friend. Each morning, Canuck arrives at his front door to escort him to the bus stop; on weekends and evenings, you’ll find him following Bergman around, riding in his car or perching on his shoulder as they explore the city together. It’s essentially an East Van version of a Disney movie and it is no surprise that Canuck’s become a local hero.

The crow first came to the attention of the world when he stole a knife from a crime scene. His kleptomania hasn’t been curbed since his rise to fame—he’s snatched computer keys from the PNE, fries from McDonald’s—but now he’s starring in Canuck and I, his own documentary about his unusual friendship with Bergman. Fame really does open doors.

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