Reason to Love Vancouver #1: Our Soccer Hooligans Behave Themselves

You gotta love the Southsiders’ team spirit.

Are they loud? Sure. Are they rowdy? Most certainly. On game days, the group is on its feet, chanting, hollering and drinking from kickoff to the last whistle. But the Southsiders—the Whitecaps’ unofficial fan club, which occupies the southeast corner of BC Place and, at 1,200 members and growing, is the largest crew of organized supporters in Canada—would rather sing tweaked versions of Depeche Mode songs than riot any day.


When I see you, WhitecapsI go out of my headI just can’t get enoughI just can’t get enoughAll the things you do to meAnd all the things you saidI just can’t get enoughI just can’t get enoughHere in the Southside, I’m falling in loveAnd I just can’t seem to get enough of(while bouncing)Do do do-do-do-do-doDo do do-do-do-do-do

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