Reasons To Love Vancouver #4: Doctor. Bonnie. Henry.

The provincial health officer’s informed, calculated and smart approach to COVID is one thing. But pair that with a double-ply soft voice (get her a podcast already) and bashful responses to both cutting her own hair (she apologized to her hairdresser) and being called premier, and it’s clear that B.C. has had a better vehicle than most to deliver the tough news. (Turns out she is also part owner of a great little winery, Clos du Soleil. A renaissance woman for the ages.)

Unlike his counterparts in places like Alberta and Ontario, our actual premier, John Horgan, has kept a relatively low profile while keeping things in check. Except when it comes to dad jokes. Among our favourites: allowing the Easter Bunny a special “eggs-exemption” over the travel ban, and advising on Star Wars Day that people “use droids to communicate” and “keep two lightsabers apart.”

It also doesn’t hurt that Henry has had assistance from expressive interpreter Nigel Howard, who has inspired fan clubs on social media—the largest of which has over 4,000 followers—as well as posters imploring people to “listen to Nigel.”

Our triple threat has made us feel pretty lucky: we also have one of the lowest per capita COVID rates in the country.