Reddit Thread Comparing Vancouver Neighbourhoods to People at a House Party Extremely Accurate

Every once in a while, Reddit gets it right. I myself have stayed off the app as much as possible—believe me, I get enough online discourse in our Instagram comments for three lifetimes—and consider it to be a relative hellscape. I’ve been permanently posted on r/hapas along with a comment saying I don’t look white at all. (Thanks!)

But this week, a post on r/vancouver asked commenters to compare Vancouver neighbourhoods (and suburbs) to people at a house party. And the internet didn’t disappoint.

This is my favourite: “Commercial Drive is playing a guitar even though no-one asked him to bring a guitar and in fact he has been asked several times to stop.”

Kerrisdale is labeled a party pooper (we wonder what Seth Rogen would have to say about that).

Langley keeps things interesting (not more interesting than this Reddit user’s handle, though).

Always health-conscious Kits is predictably not drinking because they’re on a cleanse, but also smoked a joint earlier.

North Van is obnoxiously PNW.

And Coquitlam is lying to everyone and themselves.

You can find the whole thread here.

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