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Individual choice is central to Revera’s philosophy on retirement living—making the decision about where you spend your retirement an easy one.Revera is a Canadian-based company and oversees the second largest network of accommodation, care and services for seniors in North America, serving older adults at more than 500 locations across Canada and the United States. Through its portfolio of partnerships, the company offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, long term care and skilled nursing. Their comfortable, convenient retirement residences are perfect for anyone looking to capitalize on the freedom they’ve earned later in life, while their more comprehensive care enables those needing more hands-on assistance to feel safe and supported without giving up independence.Revera’s emphasis on choice extends from nutritious, balanced and delicious dining experiences to on-site amenities that promote a healthy, social lifestyle. And with many pet-friendly accommodation options, there’s truly no need to make sacrifices for this unique type of living. After all, retirement isn’t about sacrifice—it’s about freedom, enjoyment and a little bit of well-deserved indulgence.Awards/accolades/testimonials“Over the past ten years Crofton has been my home and all of the staff and new managers have made this place beautiful. I feels so taken care of. – from a Revera Crofton Manor resident “Crofton Manor is the best place I have ever lived. The closest thing to perfection that I have seen and it keeps getting better and better.” – from a Revera Crofton Manor resident