The 10 Most-Read VanMag Stories of 2019

We cover a wide range of topics here on—food, fashion, politics, more food, the politics of food, et cetera—so when it came time to tally up our most-read stories of the year, we weren’t surprised to find a mix of informative (like Frances Bula’s look at city hall’s internal politics), provocative (like our food editor’s take-down of one of the restaurant industry’s most anticipated opening) and just plain helpful (looks like you loved our candy-and-wine pairing guide as much as we did). Of course, with any “Top 10” list, we have to leave some other beloved stories in the dust, but sound off on social with any of your must-reads from this year’s crop of VM stories. 

10. What’s Inside the Lush Factory?

Apparently, a large chunk of you want to know how your bath bombs get made, and assistant editor Alyssa Hirose is only happy to oblige. 

x9. The Young and the Houseless

Long nights debating developments at city hall are becoming the norm. Age seems like a major factor—but is there more at play here? Award-winning reporter Frances Bula reports on the drama (and generational divide) on city council.

8. Where to Go for Dim Sum in Vancouver

Your guide to where to find the city’s best shrimp dumplings, egg tarts and more next time you’re in the mood for this classic, Chinese-style brunch.

7. Five Things I Hate About the New Tacofino

Assistant editor Alyssa Hirose has a bone to pick with the Kitsilano Tacofino location: namely, that it’s too good and too close to her house. 

6. Five Next-Level Skin Treatments to Try in Vancouver

Low-level electrical currents, LED facials, ice-cold gauze strips and more unique facial treatments to get your skin in tip-top shape.

5. What to Order at the City’s Buzziest New Bubble Tea Cafe

Seasoned slurpers in the sweet, ever-diverse world of BBT will be familiar with most of the offerings here: milk teas, brewed teas, fruit juices and so on—served with toppings like tapioca balls, pineapple jelly and milk pudding—but there are a handful of Alley specialties that keep fans coming back for more. Intrepid reporter Lucy Lau investigates.

4. How to Pair Wine with Halloween Candy You Steal From Your Kids

From Sour Patch Kids to peanut butter cups, Vancouver magazine’s food editor picks his his top tipples for a sophisticated candy consumption sesh. 

VM68A_0519-1024x683.jpg3. The 2019 VanMag Restaurant Awards

Our 30th Annual Restaurant Awards feature is a result of a lot of eating by a lot of judges. The process starts as soon as last year’s awards are done and doesn’t stop until this issue goes to press. In the interim there are hundreds of meals, a few glasses of wine and plenty of heated debates. These are the results—dig in.

2. Hydra is a Dumpster Fire of a Restaurant

Our food editor, Neal McLennan, has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion, and with his scathing review of the much-hyped Hydra, his disappointment was loud and clear (and seriously controversial).


1. The Power 50 List 2019

The 2019 Power 50 list looks at the people in our community who are at the forefront of these issues—the changemakers, the business leaders, the activists and the politicians who moved the dial in this city in 2019 and, no doubt, in the year to come.