9 Things to Buy to Help You Follow Through With Your Fitness Resolutions

Shopping is good cardio, right?

It’s only January 5 but chances are your New Years resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. If you’re part of the 8 percent of the population who actually follows through, then congrats, stop reading and go eat a kale chip. But if you’re like the rest of us, take heart. According to new research, part of the trick is to get a good night’s sleep—once you’ve got some good Zs under your belt, you’ll be far more likely to eat healthy, drink less and hit the weights. With that, these picks below promise to turn you into a gym rat in nine easy reps.detox_davidstea1. Calling all couch potatoes. The Energy tea collection from David’s Tea keeps you alert and refreshed with The Buzz, a mix of maté, matcha, guarana seeds and lemon or Jumpy Monkey, a java-spiked maté with a white chocolate (win/win on your eating better New Year’s resolution) and coffee beans. $15, davidstea.comdetox_dailymethod2. Half the battle is actually getting to the gym (make that most of the battle) so it’s welcome news the Dailey Method just made the trek a little easier. The New Client Dailey Buddy Pass includes a one-month membership for both you and a pal with unfettered access to all barre, cycle and Beyond the Barre restorative classes at their Dunbar and Kitsilano studios. $99 (runs until January 23), thedaileymethod.comdetox_flow3. Flow 100 percent natural Canadian spring water comes from a family-owned glacial spring (no flight from Fiji required). Packed with essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium carbonate, its naturally high pH offsets modern acidic diets (hello wine, lattés) while electrolytes keep the body hydrated. Have your non-PET, BPA-free, 70-percent-renewable and 100-percent-recyclable paper cartons delivered free each week by electric vehicle. From $2.50, flowlikewater.comdetox_indigo4. This tiny pouch takes survival of the fittest quite literally: the 15-piece emergency gym kit by Pinch Provisions offers everything from socks for icky gym floors to dry shampoo and deodorant towelettes to earbuds. $29, indigo.cadetox_brita5. Like Rollerblade for in-line skating or Kleenex for tissue, Brita is synonymous for water filter. Get one to-go with Sport Bottle, which replaces up to 300 plastic water bottles, contains a replaceable filter and is guaranteed to reduce the taste and odour of chlorine. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe, too. $10, brita.cadetox_tedbaker6. Gym strips usually consist of various monochromatic shades of black, blue and more black so Ted Baker’s Fit to a T Tenida Blue Bloom sports leggings are a breath of fresh (spring) air. $111, tedbaker.comdetox_sneakers7. Chances are, you’ll station yourself next to the gym mirror with the J.Crew x New Balance new workout collection. The comfy 711 mesh sneaker—in the classic NB style—works for both gym class and light jogging. And urban walkabouts in exclusive J.Crew navy. $101, jcew.comdetox_foamroller8. Great for self-myofascial release or self-massage to address tightness and trigger points, foam rollers are meant to limber and loosen up those muscles currently in hibernation mode. It hurts but will hurt a little less with this Camo Print foam roller. $25, marshalls.cadetox_saje9. Work hard, but relax harder post-workout with Saje’s Apres Sport Soothing bath salt soak. Eucalyptus soothes and calms the mind, epsom salts relax the body, and rosemary relieves muscle aches and pains. From $8, sage.ca