Add to Cart: These Products Promise Some Serious Chill

Shop your way to a relaxed state of mind.

Sometimes you need a little something in order to do a lot of nothing. These local picks are the latest in chill technology: think spa-worthy skincare, CBD-infused treats and other serenity-boosting products that encourage you to unwind and reset.

Hear Me Out

DIY an acupressure treatment with these 24-karat-gold-plated ear seeds ($40 for a pack of 20). Guided by a miniature map, you place the stickers on your ears’ acupressure points and massage them a few times a day to treat pain and anxiety—downtown’s The Nest Clinic calls it “acupuncture to go.”

Splish Splash

Handmade in Vancouver, Ritual’s foaming bath bombs ($14 each) contain 30 mg of CBD. They’re made for relaxing, not getting high—though their unique ring shape might have you craving a post-bath doughnut.

Eye Contact

These 100-percent medical-grade silicone reusable eye masks ($33) from local brand Jeumont Skincare make a major statement, both literally and environmentally: use them with your favourite moisturizer and eye cream and say F off to single-use plastic. 

Medicated and Dedicated

In 2023, we don’t ask why a stylish pill box—we ask why not. Vancouver-based Loba is working to destigmatize meds through this minimalist but mighty organizer ($175) and the accompanying app, which tracks your pills and reminds you to take them.

Cheers and Chill

Mindset is a brand-new Vancouver beverage company that makes CBD-infused kombucha ($6.95 per can) in flavours like pink grapefruit, ginger turmeric and orange rooibos. The non-psychoactive drinks just launched in March at BC Cannabis Stores.

Smooth Criminal

Lotion gets the job done, sure, but there’s something extra-luxurious about moisturizing with a body oil. Just-launched Maater Cosmetics has an indulgent, plant-based illuminating oil called Beta ($60) that’s formulated and packaged in Vancouver.


Face Time

This super-hydrating (and delightfully pink) Beauté Majestique cleanser ($90) from Vancouver-based Okoko Cosmetiques works just as well as a face mask, so you can turn your evening scrub into an at-home spa experience.

Better Leather

Indigenous-owned brand Manitobah calls their Cottager slippers ($140) a vacation for your feet—and whether or not you’re on the clock, this moccasin brings worry-free coziness.

Electric Sunset

Vitruvi just released the ultra-soothing Glow diffuser ($85), a new design that emits soft LED light as well as whatever calming essential oil blend you choose to drop in—like, perhaps, the spring-y Golden blend ($29) made with grapefruit, lavender, ginger and peppermint.