Cosmetic Surgery: The Face of Beauty

Plastic surgery and its siblings (Botox, cosmetic dentistry, et al.) aren’t one-size-fits-all. Some potential patients weigh the benefits.

There are as many ways to slow the clock as there are people seeking protracted youth. Here, a road map to immortality with ponderings, procedures, payments, pastes, and some of the city’s key practitioners making artistry out of our appearance.Paging Dr. Feelgood: Some musings from the city’s best surgeonsFrom a Twenty-SomethingWhen you’re just starting out, says Stacey McLachlan (age 27), is the most pressing time to put your best face forward.From a Forty-SomethingIf these little grooves and tiny sags are marks of a life well lived, asks Amanda Ross (age 43), why does it feel like I’m wearing someone else’s face?From a Sixty-SomethingYou and the mirror have agreed to disagree. What now? There’s no point feeling down, says Michelle Patterson (age 67). Just get the work done.