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Equinox Arrives in Vancouver

No, we’re not talking about the astronomical event—but this world-class fitness club is poised to light up the city.

We all know Vancouver has a progressive stance on fitness. Our health-centric city, surrounded by mountains, water and forest, encourages more than just the occasional weekend activity—it inspires us to establish fundamentally healthy lifestyles.For an international fitness player to make an impression on the local exercise scene, takes something special. As Vancouverites, we are loyal to our homegrown fitness centres and take pride in being a Western epicentre of the yoga industry. But Manhattan-based fitness mogul Equinox is managing to turn heads with the announcement of their third Canadian location, and having proven time and again that we aren’t interested in trading our own fitness identity for a New York fad, it’s worth exploring why.equinox_002equinox_001Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary with an ongoing global expansion, Equinox hasn’t let its enormous growth—83 locations to date—get the better of it. The stunning West Georgia Street location makes one thing immediately obvious: this health and lifestyle club is designed specifically with Vancouverites in mind.Catering to our city’s unique aesthetic, with natural elements and streamlined simplicity, Equinox West Georgia Street is the best of both worlds: an established international brand with access to the best instructors and customized programs, and a boutique vibe where guest personalization still comes first.Natural light fills the expansive space—which includes dedicated barre, cycling, boxing and yoga studios. A state-of-the-art spa encapsulates the emphasis on overall wellness, while an on-site juice bar keeps you hydrated and offers further opportunity to connect with a like-minded community. With group fitness and personal training options—featuring top coaches who have undergone Equinox’s very own personal training education system—this is a facility that doesn’t cut corners to get to the top.equinox_004equinox_003At the top is exactly where they’ve landed. In fact, Equinox’s unique members app was the first fitness app available on the Apple watch. Enabling members to check in, track their workouts, book classes or training, choose a bike, compare stats and follow curated content on their online channel Furthermore, the streamlined app is just one more way Equinox is empowering people to take control of their health and fitness.The result, as proven with their first Vancouver centre, is a fitness club that truly fits in—to your lifestyle, your community and your city. And we’re pretty thankful that this particular Equinox doesn’t just come around twice a year.