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Five Ways to Brighten and Repair Your Skin this Fall

8 West Clinic offers a complete spectrum of skin treatments for all skin concerns, from simple, non-invasive to deeper, more results-driven treatments.

In summertime, the living is easy. There’s nothing quite like spending the summer enjoying the sun. Exposure to the sun and elements directly affects your skin’s health, and while some accept the trade-off, others want to take matters into their own hands and reverse the effects of sun damage.

Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, facial plastic surgeon and owner of 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, describes the effect sun can have on the skin.

“The deeper effects of sun damage in the skin develop and present themselves over time,” he says. “Whether you are just starting to notice the first signs of aging or have been a sun worshipper for years, our experienced skin experts can work with you to design a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.”

8 West Clinic has an experienced team of passionate and skilled specialists to help you look and feel your best. Here are the top five treatments they recommend to help your skin look its best, year-round.

MOXI Laser Before & After | 8 West Clinic


MOXI is a non-ablative laser that improves uneven pigmentation, tone and texture. Ideal for early aging and light damage or as maintenance between deeper treatments, MOXI is a gentle way to lighten and brighten for a more radiant skin. Unlike most other laser treatments, MOXI is a breakthrough technology that can safely be done on any skin type in any season.

Potenza RF Microneedling Treatment at 8 West Clinic | 8 West Clinic


Potenza RF Microneedling uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen building to help reduce and remove pigmentation and redness, blemishes including active acne or acne scars, stretch marks and more. Hands down, this is the best option for those looking for a significant improvement in texture as well as skin tightening.


8 West Clinic offers BBL (Broad Band Light), the most advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy device on the market. It targets pigment, redness, sun damage and lax skin to leave skin looking clearer, smoother and more even. This is the best option for pigment and redness concerns.

Halo Laser + Deep Plane Facelift Before & After | 8 West Clinic


Laser skin resurfacing has quickly made its way to the top of the list for skin rejuvenation treatments. The only laser on the market to use both ablative and non-ablative technology in one laser, Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser diminishes the signs of sun damage and aging concerns— such as tone and texture—both on the surface as well as deep within the skin with very minimal downtime for healing.

ProFractional Laser Before & After | 8 West Clinic


Laser treatments are becoming increasingly popular for anti-aging, sun damage and even scar management. Profractional Laser is the gold standard for treating scars, but also provides overall rejuvenation for a deeper treatment targeting concerns beyond just recent sun damage.

To help skin recover from sun damage and maximize the results and the longevity of your treatments, 8 West Clinic also offers top brands of medical-grade skincare, including retinol, antioxidants, hydroquinone and more, along with skin-friendly mineral make-up brands. 

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