Health gurus share their expertise with Vancouverites

The Vancouver Health Show comes to the city this weekend.

As winter approaches, the days are getting shorter, blackness descends at an ungodly hour, and the urge to hibernate under a mountain of comforters becomes incredibly seductive. Enter the Vancouver Health Show. With exhibitors that specialize in the many aspects of well-being, from new trends in fitness to developments in alternative health, the show channels the city’s health-conscious West Coast spirit.Along with booths featuring the latest in health and nutrition products, one of the most useful aspects of the show is the panel of experts that will be on hand to educate and answer any lingering queries visitors may have. Among the speakers set to present is Lorna Vanderhaeghe, a women’s health expert with degrees in nutrition and biochemistry who specializes in hormones—what their function is and how to balance them in order to maintain optimal health. Known for his epic speech at Vancouver’s March Against Monsanto, 10-year-old Daniel Bissionnette will argue for the importance of non-GMO food. Michelle W. Book, the in-house holistic nutritionist for the Canadian Health Food Association, will also be in attendance to speak on the topic of supplements and reveal which nutrients Canadians are most deficient in.Vancouver Health ShowSaturday, Nov. 7 from 10am-6pm and Sunday, Nov. 8 from 11am-5pmTickets: $10-$18, 1-888-999-1761Vancouver Convention Centre West Bldg, 1055 Canada Pl

You can expect to see booths that specialize in everything from green products for your home to nutritional supplements at the Vancouver Health Show.