How much does contraception cost in Vancouver? That depends

Math that gives new meaning to the phrase “bang for your buck”

People talk about the emotional consequences of sex, but what of the financial? If you’re having sex ten times a month, here’s how much each roll in the sheets will cost you to avoid adding a little rugrat to your relationship—or non-relationship. (Find our methodology below.) To the 20 percent of our survey respondents who haven’t had sex in a year: think of how much money you’re saving.1. Mirena Coil — $0.66 per sexual encounterLasts five years and has a pretty painful insertion process. But hey—makes sex cheap as chips.real-mirena2. Copper IUD — $0.73 per sexual encounterLasts two-and-a-half years and, again, has a painful insertion process.real-copper3. Male Condom — $0.81 per sexual encounterCondoms add up fast if you’re having sex more than 10 times per month, but they do come in fun colours.real-condoms4. Injection — $1.46 per sexual encounterInvolves a trip to the clinic every three months, and the pennies are starting to add up here.jag5. Birth Control Pill — $2.39 per sexual encounterIf you have sex more or less every day, these could be financially competitive. real-pill6. Nuva Ring — $2.97 per sexual encounterPricey, and confusing. real-nuva7. Hormonal Patch — $3.13 per sexual encounterOver $3 per session? Not tonight, readers, we’ve got a headache.real-patch8. Today’s Sponge — $3.31* per sexual encounterMany of you might know this from Seinfeld. It’s not fictional, nor cheap.real-sponge*Based on using one sponge for two different sexual intercourses within a 30 hour periodMethodology: Prices were determined by taking the average costs from both London Drugs and Shoppers, taking into consideration cost-saving methods (buying a 24-pack of condoms vs. a 12-pack) and using popular brand names. 

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