It’s time to consider kick-boxing

A New Year’s resolution that might just stick…

Despite becoming a world champion kick-boxer in 1987 at age 17, Leah Goldstein was really just starting her career as an athlete and all-around bad-ass. After high school, she joined the Israeli army’s spy unit, where, specializing in Krav Maga, she became the only female instructor training not only the commando division but the force’s other elite units, too. When she retired, she followed up with a 15-year career as a pro cyclist. You know—as one does.Now 46, Goldstein is still kick-boxing, though in a coaching capacity for her training firm, No Finish Line Living. “I like to incorporate kick-boxing, especially for women. When you can defend yourself—and know you can—you have a different energy that projects when you’re more confident.”

Where to Go

Bring GrandmaWestside Kickboxing offers a free trial class for beginners (memberships from $145/month), so strap on some gloves.Bring FriendsSign up for Urban Contender’s UrbanCardio kick-boxing boot camp ($20) for some serious aerobic and core conditioning (and learn all the lingo for punch-kick combos).Bring a DefibrillatorRun by an elite-level MMA fighter, FKP MMA is serious business. You’ll wear headgear for these intermediate and advanced Muay Thai kick-boxing classes (memberships from $110).