Weed Coast: Best Bud for Baseballs and BBQs

Our pot columnist shares her preferred strain for these last lingering days of summer.

I was raised to believe one must never show up empty handed to a social event. Though I’m not sure that’s what my mother had in mind when I tasked myself with providing my boyfriend and his friends with weed for a weekend of co-ed softball, but who am I to argue with proper etiquette?Two days of beer-soaked sports, the inevitable team barbecue and a handful of introductions, I knew I needed to dip into the socially lubricating Haze strains. I’d be catering to a diverse group and a sativa head-trip would be a crowd-pleaser, but I was looking for something to keep these finely tuned athletes alert and energetic. I’d have more than a few enemies if I sent the team back on the field just to get a softball in the face or run the wrong way around the diamond.As I walked into The Medical Cannabis Dispensary on East Hastings, the receptionist handed me an updated menu. Excited to dip into something new, I began to comb through names, crossing off any sedative indicas or couch-locker hybrids. I was looking for something lively and cheerful to ease any unpleasant anxiety that was to accompany the small talk between other sideliners like myself. As my eyes wandered down the menu, I abruptly stopped on an old friend: Lemon Haze.This strain has coveted a gold medal in my mental sativa trophy case as one of the best daytime highs on the market. The hybrid, a hard-hitting cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, developed a reputation for its sweet aftertaste and smooth, euphoric high. It checked all the boxes.Two grams and $20 later, I cracked open the bag and stuck my nose inside to be greeted by the telltale waft of a freshly cut lemon. I was carrying the gift of a cerebral, happy high in my pocket. If all went well, I would henceforth be known as the Santa Claus of pot amongst the co-ed softball folk. While this pretty crossbreed inherited it’s signature aroma from its Skunk parent, its looks came from the Haze family, showing off a frosty layer of trichomes coating dense, lime green buds. Needless to say, I was eager to introduce my trusty old summer friend to the gang.

I’d have more than a few enemies if I sent the team back on the field just to get a softball in the face or run the wrong way around the diamond.

Saturday morning rolled around and after a week of excruciatingly early wake-ups, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to spend the day small-talking my way through two seven-inning softball games. To make matters worse, an abysmal loss of the first game dampened the team spirit. It was time to break out my secret weapon. I was hoping to counteract the black cloud that had rudely drifted in over what was supposed to be a sun-kissed weekend of fun and games. A group of us scouted out a shady spot underneath a nearby tree and set up shop. True to form, it only took a few hits from this heavyweight champion before the group burst into bright and giggly banter. The delicious lemony taste lingered and the high was long, but came on gently. The balance of cerebral effects and a tingly body buzz allowed a social energy to filter in. When your entire afternoon has been spent awkwardly crumpled into a collapsible camping chair, an infusion of both comfort and happiness can be a day-changer.Despite a couple losses on the field that day, we found a winner in terms of summer bud. Tasty, social and remarkably relaxing, Lemon Haze will ease tension and lift the mood. The best thing about this strain is that you don’t need a lot to reap the benefits and functioning in public won’t be an issue. Don’t forget to pack a picnic, because this strain will leave you reaching for the Doritos.The breakdown: Mostly Sativa. Grown by the “Original” Gardens. $10/gram. The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary. 880 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC. V6A 1R6.

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