Weed Coast: Best Buds to Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

“I was in search of two killer snooze-button strains to produce something between a much-needed nap and a full-blown coma.”

Autumn has “me” written all over it—the sweet smell of decaying leaves, the golden hue to literally everything, the unreasonably oversized scarves and the suddenly socially acceptable frumpy sweaters. I love it. Although, there has always been one aspect of this seasonal transition that has eluded me…sleep (which I also happen to be very fond of). As soon as October hits, a cruel combination of earlier wakeup times, darker mornings and an inexplicable uptake in my to-do list takes the crisp wind right out of my sails. Whatever side of the pumpkin-spice-everything war you’re on, one thing we can all agree on is that fall is when overworked and burnt out begins to feel normal.With this in mind, I decided to call upon one of weed’s better-known benefits: sleep and relaxation. Staying far away from the sativa selection, I explained to the budtender at Farm Dispensary that I was in search of two killer snooze-button strains to produce something between a much-needed nap and a full-blown coma. Without missing a beat, he handed me two indica-dominant hybrids: Black Tuna, a well-known British Columbia native, and Gorilla Glue, a fairly new, award-winning hotshot. Both strains boast improvement for conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and, most importantly, sleep disorders.I began my experiment with Black Tuna. After hearing several accounts cautioning the potency of this infamous B.C. bud, I rolled a dainty joint. The pungent flower is compact with dark, almost black, tipped leaves. Before diving in, I waited until I was ready to hit the hay, but not overly exhausted so the weed could work its magic. The smoke was dense and tasted almost oaky, though had quite a sweet finish. Half a joint and 15 minutes later, I paced around my room, frustrated with how little I was feeling. I quickly corrected my attitude when I found myself in my kitchen two minutes later nearly crying tears of joy after discovering a box of cookies.I knew the high had taken full effect when an immense pressure built in my chest then expanded outwards into a very tactile body high. The high levels of THC provide a very cerebral head buzz, making it difficult to focus, so setting up a movie or music before hand is imperative. I don’t remember much before falling asleep but I awoke the next day like I just banked a decade in cryo sleep.The following evening, with the memories (or lack thereof) of Black Tuna still fresh in my mind, I dipped into Gorilla Glue. The chunkier, less manicured buds were covered in sticky resin, making the process of breaking it up arduous. I immediately noticed it gave off a less powerful scent compared to last night’s trial. The smoke was smooth, giving off a chemically and earthy aftertaste. As opposed to Black Tuna’s relatively slow build, a deep body stone set in instantly. The high was remarkably euphoric, even giggly at times. These fun side effects, although entertaining, provide a few obstacles when you’re trying to wind down. I found I was able to concentrate on binge watching my way through season three of Silicon Valley, but craved conversational stimulation until the high wore off a little. When the giddiness subsided, the drowsy weight I had been searching for took its place. Succumbing to the siren call of my bed, I drifted into one of the best siestas I’ve had in a long time.Needless to say, neither of these strains enhance organization or focus, so reserve them for nighttime activities only. Gorilla Glue had a lighter effect on my sleep overall, but that meant I had no weed hangover the next morning. It wasn’t the powerful muscle relaxant or anxiety eliminator that Black Tuna was, so if you need something powerful enough to address chronic pain or insomnia, I would lean in that direction. But, if, like me, you’re just looking for a little push into la la land that won’t derail your evening, Gorilla Glue will do the trick.Both strains essentially knocked me out, but Black Tuna resulted in a much heavier sleep. With less ability to concentrate, a weightier body stone and the hangover, however, I would only smoke this strain if there were something really standing in the way of getting some rest. Gorilla Glue, on the other hand, is a strain that I will revisit as the high was less debilitating while strong enough to make the most out of some precious shut-eye.

Gorilla Glue and Black Tuna

The breakdown: Heavy THC indica hybrids ($12/gram); Farm Dispensary, 369 Columbia Street, Vancouver.