The Breakdown: How Do We Feel About New Year’s Resolutions?

This year will be different, we swear.

Just how much do Vancouverites stick to their New Year’s Resolutions? Well…

Only 1/4 of British Columbians make new year’s resolutions

22%Say they always keep them71%Keep them for a little while7%Break them within moments

1942: Year the Finnish government established the first “Dry January” public health campaign3: Number of days fewer of sobriety if you take part in the BC Cancer Foundation’s’ February “Losethe Booze” challenge instead    

Top 5 Resolutions in B.C.

+37%: Five-year average increase in bike commutes over the Burrard Bridge in January vs. December

194: Number of commercial fitness centres in the city of Vancouver

258: Number of registered private fitness instructors

414: Number of “wellness centres”