Three ways to survive Christmas Party season

Ah December, when weekday drinking becomes the norm

The festive season sparks many memories: warm fires, tinsel, family, friends, colossal hangovers. Everyone has their own coping methods to curb their drunken behaviour at the office Christmas party. Some of the Vancouver teams’ tactics include ordering a single in a tall glass, eating a big meal beforehand, and failing that, pretending you’re on antibiotics.But what about clinically tried and tested hangover cures to get us through this joyous month? Here, we’ve done the research to help you get through the next working day. Because we all know, no office party ever falls on a Friday.The-IV-Interior---Front#1: Hook up to an IVIf you’re looking for quick results—they say you’ll be back on your feet within an hour—then pumping electrolytes and fluids directly in to your veins is perhaps the best way to combat the physical elements of a hangover.Besides sending amino acids, magnesium, and vitamin C straight to the source of the problem, clinics like Yaletown’s The IV have been purpose-built to combat the booze blues. Heated massage chairs, blankets, and as much Netflix as your heart desires. It’s pricey ($150 includes your consultation with the on-site doctor) but guarantees results. Our tip: schedule your drinking for Wednesday evenings; on Thursdays you get 20% off your tab.#2:  Pre-drink Asian pear juiceLast year, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation found eating a Korean or Asian pear will keep your hangover at bay. The fruit contains certain properties that act on key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, but only if you eat one or drink the juice before heading on a wild night out.If you’re thrifty enough to make your own juice, Koko’s Kitchen provides a great Asian pear lemonade recipe, or pop down to Coal Harbour’s Melu Juice and Health Bar for an Easy Green or Radical Detox cold-pressed juice ($9.75 for 500ml).  melujuices#3: Pop a milk thistleThe words ‘milk thistle’ may give you the heebie jeebies, but we got this one from our drinks editor who has a certain amount of experience on this subject. One of milk thistle’s main benefits is the ability to aid recovery in the liver due to the levels of silymarin found in the herb.Much debate surrounds whether milk thistle actually aids the liver in the short term or is more of a long-term solution for alcoholics. But thousands of anecdotal positive reviews coupled with other good side affects like preventing the toxicity of alcohol and regenerating liver cells means it won’t do you any harm to take this before and/or after a big drinking session.milk-thistle-flowerBonus advice: Drink less