We Tried It: Triology Barre

Everything hurts.

My philosophy with exercise is usually “If you can’t walk the next day, you’ve done something right.” So by that measurement, the new Trilogy Barre class at Equinox might just be the epitome of fitness.

The 50-minute class looks deceptively simple: a yoga mat, a few resistance bands and some flattering lighting (important in a room full of mirrors—these guys know what they’re doing) are all that await you as you walk in to the group fitness room. But it turns out to be basically a horizontal version of TRX that involves some seriously devastating leg lifts and a high-tempo pace. A trio of wall-mounted bars support classic barre class and ballet moves (you better believe there’s plié-ing), but they also act as anchor points for resistance bands that are wrapped and rewrapped throughout the workout. So yeah: you’re going to feel the burn.

The class is expected to launch April 1 and will be available to Equinox members only, but if you’re not ready to drop some cash on a membership at the luxury gym, maybe just grab on to the counter of the smoothie bar in the lobby and practice your pliés there. More info at equinox.com.

(Photo: Equinox.)