Vancouver’s Wildest Workouts

Yride Yoga
Powerplate + Infrared Sauna
Hoops with “Christina Hoops”
Yamuna Body Rolling


Yride Yoga

Y Yoga studios has designed a hybrid spinning and yoga class that exhausts the body while sparking the mind. Do bring a full water bottle; you’ll sweat buckets. At the company’s new Flow studio, the largest and most spa-like yoga studio in town (step into the infrared sauna once you’re done). Full schedule here

Where: Flow Yoga, 888 Burrard St.

How Much: $15 for a 60-minute class


Power Plate + Infrared Sauna

West Side moms blast through non-impact fullbody workouts in 25 minutes on Power Plate machines; vibrations force muscles to contract at ramped up speeds while the workout progresses. As with YYoga’s Flow studio, sessions can be capped with an infrared sauna (far more effective than conventional saunas at detoxing the body). Full schedule here

Where: PowerVibe Fitness, 638 Kinghorne Mews.

How Much: $28 for a Power Plate workout; $20 for infrared sauna


Hoops with “Christa Hoops”

Barefoot hula-hooping at the Dance Centre. Christa Giles, pro-hooper, leads all-levels classes that heat up but remain, inevitably, relaxed. Waist-hooping evolves into hand-hooping, group choreography, and balance moves. Fun!

Where: The Dance Centre, 677 Davie St.

How Much: $20 drop-in.


Yamuna Body Rolling

Pretty much what it sounds like. Various postures are taken, with the body rolling on a 9-inch ball, massaging out muscle cramps and tension. Marketed as a logical compliment to yoga, pilates, et al. Thus far, the closest group classes are in Kelowna; buy the video (and ball) and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Where: Chez vous

How Much: $60.95 for beginner’s kit



Is it boxing? Is it wrestling? A little from column A, a little from column B. Franco’s decidedly macho studio, which also trains pro-am fighters, thai boxers, and catch wrestlers, has pankration classes for all ages. Full schedule here.

Where: Franco Kickboxing Pancration, 4880 Fraser St.