Weed Coast: A Love Potion Perfect for Valentine’s Day

“This year, I’m asking this mood-setting, inhibition-lowering, sexy strain to be my Valentine.”

Oh, Valentine’s Day.

I feel like the first thought in everyones mind when they hear someone say: “I don’t like Valentine’s Day” is that they’re likely bitter and single. I am neither. Well, a little bitter, maybe, but not single. The truth is I, like many other anti-V-dayers, just don’t get it. I find it exclusionary, trivial and expensive. One day every year the entire population becomes enveloped in a sea of #truelove and #rideordie hashtags and, for 24 hours, I adopt an inadvertent eye-roll response to anything heart-shaped.

Since my spirit cannot be any further soured, I decided the one thing that could turn around my V-Day this year would be an on-theme flower to smoke out the love. I turned to the cupid of all strains: Love Potion.

This strain gained international recognition after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004 and is aptly named for its aphrodisiac-like effects. In an ideal world, something named “Love Potion” would be pink and smell like Sweet Tarts. Sadly, no. It’s a small, round, deep green nug covered in rusty hairs and resin. You’ll have to forgive this bud for its first impression. Trust me that the “lovely” part of this weed is less so in the smell and flavour, and more so in its personality. It has a dirtier aroma with notes of damp wood and skunk, and the smoke is harsh. I’ve often heard that people pick up on a citrus aftertaste, but compared to the likes of Lemon Haze or Orange Kush, it’s very subtle. Some people love it, though I’m partial to sweeter, more floral bud. The characteristics of the high are amazing, however, so I’ll make an exception and add it to my list of “staple strains.”

In an ideal world, something named “Love Potion” would be pink and smell like Sweet Tarts. Sadly, no.

Fun fact: Love Potion has some interesting roots. Her parent plant G13, an indica straight out of a conspiracy theory, was allegedly used by several federal agencies to breed super mind control hybrids. The tales may not be true, but if you ever want to spice up a strain, a good government coverup always does the trick. The other parent is Columbian Gold, a skunky, classic sativa that delivers a powerful high in only one or two hits.

The result of this marriage is a playful, cerebral high with a buttery body buzz. True to its namesake, your physical senses are heightened and you become very drawn to social interaction. Combine the euphoric spike with a tactile, tingly wave of relaxation and it becomes the perfect recipe for a romance-inducing strain.

Even if you’re not in the mood or you’re flying solo, it’s pretty sturdy as far as sativas go. Despite the burst of energy, the high leaves room for focus and creativity. I also strongly suggest you experiment with a few acts of self-love while you’ve got some Love Potion on deck. I found one of its most shocking characteristics is that it boosts self-esteem, making your me time (meditation, journaling, dancing in the mirror) more positive, inward-focused and restorative.

This year, I’m asking this mood-setting, inhibition-lowering, sexy strain to be my Valentine. My suggestion? Buy yourself or your ‘person’ a bouquet of these flowers this year, stock up on some Beta5 chocolate to satiate the munchies (just trust me…413 Industrial Ave.) and throw on literally anything not directed by Nicolas Sparks.

Love Potion #1

The breakdown: Sativa. $12/gram. Farm Dispensary, 369 Columbia Street.

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