You Can Still Get Your Sweat On During Self-Isolation Thanks to These Vancouver Fitness Studios

Exercise was already a good thing to do in the days before the pandemic, and as we all go into self-preservation mode, it’s downright essential. We’ve been spending a lot of quality time with the sofa these past few weeks as we all hunker down to flatten the curve, but Netflix marathons don’t do much to build a healthy body (physically or mentally). We need muscle! We need endorphins! We are developing a very real fear of bed sores! But gyms have (rightfully) closed, our ClassPasses are on pause, and it’s impossible to stay more than two metres from anyone on the SeaWall. What’s a homebound sweat-hound to do?

Our good ol’ pal the internet has us covered, connecting us with also-isolated local fitness professionals who are still offering classes and workout ideas from a distance. When we’re on the other side of this thing, maybe buying a membership from them would be cool?

Jenna Maye Fitness

Once upon a time, when we weren’t confined to our homes, Jenna Maye was offering circuit-based workouts in a gorgeous loft in the Arthur Erickson-designed Waterfall building. It was quick and intense and crammed 30-plus exercises into a 45-minute session. She’s locked her doors now, of course, but thankfully is still offering focused routines on her Instagram page so you don’t have to miss a leg day.

TTight Club

Keep your eyes peeled for digital workouts from Tight Club, the beloved East Van gym that has a reputation for building community and togetherness with its friendly-but-powerful classes. Catch a “Booty Luv” class tonight


The sister studio to Kingsway’s Spin Society is already posting no-equipment workouts for those missing their highly active HIIT classes. Get ready for cardio and strength exercises that will have you sweating all over your living room carpet.

Barre Belle

Get the crazy plié shakes from the comfort of home with these on-demand barre classes from Barre Belle. These ones are part of a subscription package ($9.99 a month) but spending some cash with a local business is the equivalent of a workout for your karma. Two for one!

Oxygen Yoga

Stretch it out with a little help from these livestream yoga classes. Maybe you won’t be able to have the true hot yoga experience, but you can always crank the thermostat.

No Panic Disco with DJ Gaybae

No choreography required for this at-home dance party, featuring tracks by Jay Bagasbas, aka DJ Gaybae. Get that cardio on.

Formation Studio

For the dancer who prefers more structure, stay tuned to Formation’s Instagram stories for digital dance-fitness classes coming soon from instructors with some serious rhythm.