Where Vancouverites Like to Have Sex in Public

Some seriously juicy data.

Let’s look back on simpler times—say, 2016, when Vanmag did a survey on Vancouverites’ favourite places to have sex in public. While times have changed (perhaps before we smoosh bootys in an alley we ask our partner if they’re an anti-vaxxer, for instance) we bet that our favourite outdoor spots for getting it on have stayed strong. Here’s the original story:

Location, location, location.

For lovers of the great outdoors, we live in one of the best cities in Canada, and indeed, the world. The options are almost endless. Skiing down Grouse Mountain. Walking along Kits Beach. Biking around the seawall. And, of course, screwing in Stanley Park. In total, 27% of our survey respondents said they have had sex in a public place in Vancouver. Here’s where they did it.

Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks was mentioned three times, but beaches in general are a popular choice, second only to parks.


Who would have thought that a large, sprawling university campus would be subject to such indecencies? SFU was also mentioned.

Stanley Park

Parks are by far the most popular destination for public sex. Fully half of the people who have had sex outdoors mentioned parks (especially Stanley Park). Must be the tree coverage.

Granville Island

We’re betting it was the phallic concrete silos that got them going.

Granville Street

The human zoo that is Granville Street on a Friday night is also a good place for public sex, according to one of our respondents.

Robson Square

Most people love the late Arthur Erickson’s architecture. But apparently, some people really, really love it.

The Back Alley

“In the alley behind the Blarney Stone,” said one respondent. Alleys were the fourth most popular setting for outdoor extracurriculars.

Queen Elizabeth Park

A good place to bring the queen in your life. Queen Elizabeth Park is the second most popular park for public sex after Stanley.

This story was originally published on February 12, 2016.