Our Favourite Celebrity Sightings from the VanMag Archives

Celebs (Michael Bublé! Sarah McLachlan! David Suzuki!) have had plenty of moments on our covers and in our pages. Here are a few of our favourites.

Bryan Adams, April 1980

Adams’s hit single Let Me Take You Dancin’ earned him a spot on our “Nine Bands for the Eighties” list (alongside Bob Coulter, Cover Boys and The Young Canadians); he later appeared on the cover of VanMag’s February 1986 issue…in a pair of purple tights.

David Suzuki, August 1981

The Vancouver-born activist took his daughter, Severn, on a week-long trip to Toronto sans mother (“Feminist Tara was in no position to deny this, and there was just a slight hesitation before she nodded assent”) and shared his thoughts on travelling alone with an eight-month-old baby.

Pierre Trudeau, March 1991

Leading up to Whistler’s 25th anniversary, gossip columnist Valerie Gibson reminisced about the mountain resort’s A-list visitors, including former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who was spotted skiing with sons Sacha and Misha.

Sarah McLachlan, October 1993

Before her name became synonymous with heart-wrenching ASPCA commercials, McLachlan was living with her band in Vancouver’s “poncy” Shaughnessy neighbourhood (her word, not ours).

Sarah Chalke, April 1994

We met Chalke after she landed a role in the TV sitcom Roseanne: at 18 years old, she drove her parents’ grey GMC van, listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, had an obsession with Levi’s jeans and knew her way around a fake ID.

Diana Krall, May/June 1996

In 1996, Krall listed playing Carnegie Hall and “the Kleenex commercial” among her top accomplishments. The Nanaimo-born jazz singer has since won two Grammys and eight Juno awards.

Seth Rogen, July 2007

After landing a starring role in Knocked Up, the Vancouver-born comedian had lofty goals for the future: screenwriting (Pineapple Express hit the big screen just one year later) and commissioning the Seth Rogen Public Restroom in his hometown.

Michael Bublé, November 2015

Just back from a massive world tour, Bublé caught up with VM to chat about his evolving heartthrob status, social media blunders—and his crush on Trevor Linden. (“There’s something about that guy.”)


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