Meet Vancouver’s Santa Clauses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Meet the men (and woman) behind the infamous red suit who brings out the Spirit of Christmas year after year.


Pictured left to right:

“I found that if I could say ‘merry Christmas’ in their language, the grandparents’ eyes lit up just like the kids’. I counted last year and I can say it in 105 different languages. I use them all every year.”—Michael McCain, Santa for Brentwood Town Centre and Grouse Mountain

“The BC Cancer Agency saved my life. I started volunteering in the chemo room as a patient advocate. I always said, ‘I went through it. They only gave me a 40 percent chance and I’m here.’ It was a powerful, positive thing. People are still getting treated around Christmas. There’s not much joy when you’re going through that pain and that uncertainty.”—Daniel St. Andrews, Santa for City Square Shopping Centre

“This is the best job in the world. When you can get the kids laughing, it’s just gold.”—Bruce Marshall, Santa for Kids Market on Granville Island

“There is always a group of kids that won’t sit with you. They are nervous that they’re meeting Santa, or scared of sitting with a stranger with a big beard. You just have to talk to them. A little bribery with a candy cane can also be all that is needed.”—John Crosby, Santa for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation

“We always encourage the kids to get up on the mic to sing songs or help tell a story. One of them might be an announcer one day—who knows?”—Gillian Campbell, Mrs. Claus for the Vancouver Christmas Market

“One year a little boy threw up right in the middle of everything. It took a while to track his mum down, so poor Mrs. Claus was the one who cleaned everything up—but I got to stand there and keep everyone happy.”—Edward Thompson, Santa for the Vancouver Christmas Market

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