Industry Profile: Meet Perminder Chohan of Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

DFSIN Richmond South’s managing director wants to turn your financial goals into a reality.

If you’ve got money to invest, and you want to ensure that your family has a secure financial future, then it may be a good idea to hire a financial advisor.Why? Because financial advisors, such as those at Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) Richmond South, have extensive industry knowledge, so they are equipped to understand how complex financial products they offer can turn your financial goals into reality.

Tailor-made financial advice

Advisors working with a broad range of products, such as those offered at DFSIN Richmond South, are well equipped to explain the big financial picture to their clients and to then tailor a plan to meet each client’s specific needs.Perminder Chohan, Managing Director at DFSIN Richmond South explains,“We offer life, health, group insurance and retirement planning, so we can design a specialized solution for our clients. All of our products can be combined into a single policy for the client, too.”Chohan leads a team of over 500 advisors, each of whom he has personally mentored. With so many advisors and offices in Surrey, Richmond, Calgary, Abbotsford, and Delta potential clients of DFSIN – Richmond South can easily find the best advisor for their situation.

Giving Back

Mentoring his team members is just one of the many ways that Chohan—an avid philanthropist within the GVRD’s South Asian community—gives back: he also fundraises for various charities, has repeatedly sponsored sports teams and activities, and has even brought popular Bollywood acts to perform in Canada.Although his business, DFSIN Richmond South, helps his clients better themselves financially, Chohan cares more about how wealth can effect change than the money itself. “Creating positive change motivates me,” he says, “not money.”Visit Perminder Chohan on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google +.