Reason to Love Vancouver #38: Our Homegrown Version of Fight Club Gets Wet and Wild

When it comes to water fights, no one gets crazier than us.

On one choice day each summer, Stanley Park is riddled with gangs. They lurk around Lumberman’s Arch and dart around totem poles, all while armed to the teeth. Their weapons of choice? Super Soakers. It’s the annual Vancouver Water Fight and the splash zone knows no bounds: thirtysomethings run amok in swim trunks while the water balloons fly and teenagers and little ones gleefully trade friendly fire. Flashmob Vancouver technically organizes the water-logged battle royale, but it’s the 1,300-plus attendees—some in (hopefully waterproof) costumes, some toting homemade water bazookas—who provide the serious whimsy that accompanies this drenched afternoon. Because who but a true Raincouverite would know how to have this much fun while being soaking wet?This year’s water fight takes place August 11; visit for details. Photo Credit: Earl Mayuga

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