How Do We Live in a City That Has UberEats…But No Uber?

At least we can eat while the wizards in Victoria twiddle their thumbs on this issue.

How much longer are we expected to wear the shameful mantle of “Largest City in North America Without Uber?” Obviously this is even more acute a problem at this time of year when getting a cab on a weeknight is near impossible. Luckily, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena is hard at work: “At the moment, we’re working in general on getting to a stage where we can assess what to do next,” she said. Super encouraging, Minister—I better make sure my app is updated.And the Liberals? No better, I fear—their inaction during their reign of power is clear, but more of note is that they have so far refused to join with the Green Party’s Andrew Weaver (the only White Hat on this issue) in his private members bill to bring ride-sharing to the province.The one bright spot: you can now order food from JamJar, House Special and even Harvey’s from UberEats. Is it a small consolation? You bet. But when someone from another city asks if we have either, now you can legitimately answer…sort of.