World’s Handsomest Mayor Will Step Down in October

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson announces he’s not running for re-election.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Vancouver’s second-longest-running mayor and first-handsomest face, announced today that he will not be running for re-election next term.”Ten years is a long time in politics,” said Robertson in a Facebook post this afternoon, because he is a cool young guy who gets the kids and even DJs sometimes. “An important part of leadership is recognizing when to step aside to make space for new leaders. I dove into politics as an entrepreneur committed to making positive proactive change. It’s been an incredible honour to serve our city through such historic and challenging times.”Robertson first stepped onto the political scene with Vision Vancouver in 2008, after finding success as a juice baron.’ll still be holding court at City Hall until the October election season, but if you’d like to really immerse yourself in #TeamGregor while you still have a chance, may we recommend this article on Vancouver’s best-looking mayors? Or this one from our recent Power 50 list which discusses his accomplishments like the real journalists we are, instead of just talking about his hair?For more actual legitimate commentary about what this means for the city, check back tomorrow for Frances Bula’s take on this surprising announcement.