Vancouver vs. Toronto: Who’s sexier?

How do Canada’s top cities compare when it comes to their attitudes towards love and sex? You might be surprised

Every community, no matter how big or small, has another that it uses as a measuring stick. For Vancouver, that community is Toronto. We’ve long looked at it as our natural national rival (sorry, Calgary) and regarded it with varying degrees of envy, resentment, and superiority. We’re not above feeding that fire, either. That’s why we polled Toronto residents on the same question that we asked people in Vancouver. And as the results show, the two cities have some pretty stark differences on a few aspects of their bedroom behaviour.Vancouverites, for example, are a bit more willing to be sexually adventurous than their buttoned-down central Canadian counterparts. When it comes to open relationships, sex with a co-worker, sex with a co-worker at the office, and sexting, we’re far more inclined to be open-minded than the average Torontonian. But there’s a catch: for all of our adventurousness and open-mindedness, we seem to be less satisfied with our sex lives than Torontonians. Is bland and boring the secret to happiness?We asked: Is it acceptable to…Have an “open relationship” (sex outside marriage with the consent of your partner)?40% said yes in Vancouver27% said yes in TorontoSleep with a co-worker?53% said yes in Vancouver40% said yes in TorontoHave sex at the office?28% said yes in Vancouver19% said yes in TorontoSext?61% said yes in Vancouver38% said yes in TorontoHave you ever…Paid for sex?11% said yes in Vancouver16% said yes in TorontoHad a threesome or orgy?17% said yes in Vancouver19% said yes in TorontoCheated?26% said yes in Vancouver30% said yes in TorontoSexted?26% said yes in Vancouver14% said yes in TorontoSmoked pot before sex?24% said yes in Vancouver37% said yes in Toronto (!)And?55% of Vancouverites said it made sex better75% of Torontonians said it made sex better (!!!)And lastly…Would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your sex life?57% said satisfied in Vancouver65% said satisfied in Toronto

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