22. Thomas Fung

Chair and CEO, Fairchild Group

22-Age: 64 | 2013: #28Eager to escape the shadow of his legendary father, Fung King Hey, Thomas Fung left Hong Kong for North America at age 15. He arrived in Vancouver on July 1, 1967—Canada’s centennial—determined to make it on his own. Almost half a century later, you’d have to say he’s succeeded.With Fairchild Media, he controls the largest Chinese media company in Canada. As the developer of Richmond’s thriving Aberdeen Centre, he owns not just the mall but many businesses in it, including Chef Hung Beef Noodle (a Korean chain to which he has North American rights) and Daiso (a remarkably profitable Japanese-based dollar store, which he plans to roll out across Canada). His Saint Germain Bakery in Richmond supplies dozens of airlines, and he intends to franchise the Aimé Pâtisserie he opened in Shanghai. The 1,200-person guest list at his son’s wedding last year at the Convention Centre included Hong Kong’s who’s-who.Fung is the epitome of the international businessman: he travels frequently, is at home on both sides of the Pacific, helps other Asian immigrants, and next year will open a school in Hong Kong that offers a Canadian private-school curriculum to students hoping one day to follow in his footsteps.

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