26. Andrea Reimer

City Councillor

26-Age: 43 | 2014: #32Is she Vancouver’s next mayor? Andrea Reimer is Vision Vancouver’s secret weapon—the councillor who doesn’tget bashed by the party’s left-wing supporters as a development sell-out. The one who can deliver an impassioned, verge-of-tears speech at city council, or be sent out among the hostile crowds that Mayor Gregor Robertson avoids.Named permanent deputy mayor shortly after Vision was elected for the third time last November, Reimer is relentless on her files—environment, sustainability, First Nations, public engagement. No environmental initiative at the city goes forward without her support. A former executive director of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, she’s the loyal soldier for now. But she’s working hard at taming her patronizing-remark impulses and demonstrating her engaged, emotional, empathetic self.A former street kid and the mother of a transgender teen, she’s the very embodiment of the city’s diversity. If she does reach the mayor’s office, she’ll certainly be familiar with the room. She’s the only councillor, say insiders, who’s free to walk into Robertson’s office any time for one of their frequent chats.

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