Power 50 2013 Event

 Lori Chalmers & Christie Clark

November 18th saw the Vancouver Club play host to some of the most influential names in the province as Vancouver’s top players came together to celebrate Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 awards.

Influencing this year’s Power 50 list was a focus on those who are building the ‘New Vancouver’. For some this means building actual towers, no matter how contentious, while others were celebrated for creating changes that may take years to become apparent.

Holding the top position, BC Premier Christie Clark (1) focused on the meaning of power in her acceptance speech, especially the importance of influence. Editor-in-Chief John Burns spoke of the key part each Power 50 winner played in building the ‘New Vancouver’ as those in attendance accepted their awards, including Michael Audain, Chairman of Polygon Homes Ltd. (20), Minister of Justice and Attorney General Suzanne Anton (27), Thomas Fung CEO of Fairchild Group (28) and Art Sterritt, Executive Director of Coastal First Nations (29).


Vancouver magazine would like to thank the following companies for their outstanding contributions to the event: 




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