What Does a $1,500 Rent Get You Around the World?

Here’s how much square footage you can get in 30 cities around the world (and where Vancouver ranks).

Ever wonder how much bang you could get for your buck if you left Vancouver for greener pastures? A recent study by RentCafe—a U.S. apartment rental search site—used data from Yardi Matrix to track rents in 30 of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities to create your ultimate guide to urban square footage.Surprisingly, at 610 square feet, Vancouverites can snag about twice the amount of space that someone in Manhattan or London would. But Istanbul is the real sweet spot: renters can get an average of almost 1,900 square feet.All the cities in this study rank in the top 30 in the Global Power City Index, which ranks cities on factors like the economy, cultural interaction, livability and accessibility.See the infographic below, and the full report here.