5 Essentials Tips for Surviving in 600 Sq Ft

Alison Mazurek has mastered the art of maximizing limited space. Here’s how she does it

condo-sign (Photo by: Blue Window Creative.)1. The space feels bigger with less in it“Look at every item and ask yourself, is this useful and beautiful?” Alison says. “If not, it needs to go.”2. Adaptable furniture is a lifesaverRather than a coffee table, consider a side table that can be moved around the house, Alison says. “Wall beds are a small space’s best friend.”

3. Keep clutter to a minimumAlison’s rule? “Don’t buy something new unless you are willing to let go of something you currently own.”

4. Use your vertical spacePut plants on bookcases, hang art high and mount your TV. Alison also recommends investing in some decent wall shelves.

5. Share with friendsYoung children need many things, but often for only a few months. If your kid no longer fits into a pair of shoes or has outgrown a toy, give it to a friend.

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