This $63,000,000 House Just Broke Vancouver’s Most Expensive Listing Record

It’s the Belmont mansion of philanthropists Joe and Rosalie Segal—and it’s a sight to behold.

Remember that real estate downturn of late 2016? That massive fleeing of capital occasioned by the foreign buyers tax that lasted about as long as the average fruit fly? Well…we’re solidly back in crazytown now. Exhibit A: the not-even-on-the-market-yet listing of Joe and Rosalie Segal’s Belmont estate for…wait for it…$63,000,000.You’ll recall West Point Grey’s Belmont Ave. was the same location where fellow philanthropist Peter Brown and wife Joanne sold their place last year for $31,000,000…to a student.The nearly 22,000-square-foot Segal mansion sits on 1.28 acres with sweet views of Spanish Banks and beyond, and includes an indoor pool, a dining room that seats 100, a rare residential atrium, a full bar, interiors that are both Baroque and Italianate at the same time, and 12 bathrooms.The listing with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada will hit the MLS later this week, so if you have a spare $63 million, we suggest you act now. Or for the same price you can buy a brand new Toyota Corolla for every resident of Squamish…and every resident of White Rock.

Photos: Inside the $63,000,000 Belmont Estate