The Best ’Burbs to Live In (If You Really Love Vancouver)

Ready to give up big-city renting for a home in the suburbs? We’ve got a few suggestions for where to settle down.

If you love Main Street, try…NEW WESTMINSTER

“It’s got a mix of some of the oldest homes in the Lower Mainland, and they’ve got cool microbreweries and restaurants coming in. The shops are getting better, too, and there’s a good arts community. It’s almost like a little mini-Vancouver.”—Corey Martin, realtor, Ruth and David Group

If you love Shaughnessy, try…WHITE ROCK

“You can get big properties out there, and the waterfront is gorgeous. There are fabulous mansions up on the bluffs, and great amenities, too. You’re farther out of town, but I know tons of people who have gone that route and have been very happy with it.”—Rod MacKay, realtor, Maude, MacKay and Co.

If you love Kits, try…PORT MOODY

“There are lots of parks and outdoor trails. It has attracted people looking for a healthy lifestyle; some developments have catered to that with big health clubs. It isn’t inexpensive compared to other communities that far east, but compared to Kits, it’s affordable.”—Darcy McLeod, realtor, Re/Max Lifestyles Realty

If you love Kerrisdale, try…NORTH VANCOUVER OR SQUAMISH

“Retirees are moving farther away from the centre, and lots of them are going out to Chilliwack. But seniors are really attracted to North Vancouver and even Squamish. They’re still active and like to be outdoors, and the North Shore offers lots of outdoor activities, but it’s a quieter lifestyle.”—D.M.

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