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Cadillac Fairview Launches CF City Views Podcast

CF City Views podcast highlights the ways CF builds community and connects with local industry in Vancouver.

For more than 50 years, Cadillac Fairview (CF) has played an integral role in transforming the Vancouver skyline from a picturesque coastal town to a vibrant modern metropolis. The globally-focused owner, operator and developer of best-in-class real estate across sectors is guided by a central purpose: to transform communities for a vibrant tomorrow.

Just how that vision is realized is the focus of the company’s new podcast, called CF City Views, which shares a deeper understanding and perspective of the steps CF takes to build community in ways that positively impact urban life in Vancouver.

Brent Toderian leans confidently on building
Brent Toderian of Toderian UrbanWORKS | Brent Toderian

“The CF City Views podcast aims to help the Vancouver community and those visiting to learn more about CF’s connection with the city and its residents,” says Lillian Tummonds, VP of Office Operations at Cadillac Fairview. “We also hope to also inspire other local industry organizations to recognize the importance of prioritizing the development of vibrant communities across the city.”

As an opportunity to explore the city from a different vantage point, CF City Views is hosted by Brent Toderian of TODERIAN UrbanWORKS, a former chief planner for the City of Vancouver who is known for his outspoken candour. Each episode focuses on CF’s and Vancouver’s shared history of city-building and provides historical and cultural context about Vancouver properties that have shaped the city.

CF Pacific Centre | Cadillac Fairview (CF)

“For each era, we tell the broader Vancouver story of what was happening while using the development of CF Pacific Centre as a special city-building case study to reveal the perspectives and struggles of that era,” Toderian explains. “We’re not shy about digging into the successes and failures. By doing that candidly, our episodes embrace Vancouver’s and CF’s shared history of city building.”

The podcast can be used as a walking tour audio guide, perfect for either first-timers exploring the city or locals looking to learn about Vancouver’s redevelopment history through a different lens.

“[In the episodes] we get into how the design of a really ambitious mixed-use, multi-block project like CF Pacific Centre can strengthen the streets and city around it if it’s done right, particularly if it doesn’t turn its back to those streets,” Toderian says. “The evolution in thinking over the eras around how the streets are treated is one of the most interesting parts of the story we tell.”

CF has continued to evolve within the Vancouver community over time and is the largest commercial property owner in Vancouver. Its portfolio includes more than four  million square feet of retail and office space, including 12 office properties and two premier shopping centres—CF Pacific Centre and CF Richmond Centre.

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