Q&A: Is It a Good Idea to Buy a House in Vancouver?

Financial advisor Graham Bodel of Chalten Advisors gives it to us straight.

Q: Is buying a house in Vancouver a good investment?Bubble or not, it’s always a good investment to buy a place to live. Having a mortgage is putting money back in your own pocket instead of paying someone else’s mortgage. But for a person in their 20s with a decent income, even condos are extremely expensive, so make sure not to overstretch yourself: it’s not a good investment if you can’t afford it. If you’re paying more than one-third of your income to housing costs, it becomes harder to save money for other things.

(Photo: Joe Mabel, Flickr

Q: Are there any financial benefits to renting?If someone is going to stretch themselves so much for a down payment and high mortgage payments, it might be better to use that money for something different. Depending on your budget, it’s either buying a house or saving.

Q: How should renters save for the future?It’s best to save a minimum of 10 percent of your gross income toward a tax-free savings account earlier in life, when you’re in a lower tax bracket. Then when you’re in a more mature stage of your career you can contribute to your TFSA and RRSP: if you do more than one, there’s a better cushion for the future.

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