Real Estate: The Strategic Buyer

Rey del Rosario, the owner of Westside Kickboxing, was seeking a one- or two-bedroom townhouse or condo in Kitsilano or Fairview, close to the beach and his gym.


Price range: $450,000 to $500,000

Properties considered: 20

Weeks spent looking:12

The agent: Jacob Krause, TRG Realty

Option 1: 1-1182 W. Seventh Ave., $285,000 
The price appealed, but the unit didn’t have laundry or the possibility of adding it. “Because of what I do, I have to do a load of laundry every day, or every other day.”


Option 2: 214-1045 W. Eighth Ave., $349,000
The two-level townhouse had a private entrance—tempting for del Rosario, who wouldn’t have to lead Champ through common areas—but it needed $20,000 in renos. Del Rosario offered $340,000. The sellers wouldn’t budge.




Option 3: 3007 Laurel St., $309,000
This one-bedroom townhouse had a loft feel and a private entrance. Del Rosario liked it, but the seller was disappointed by the lack of traffic and took it off the market.



The Buy: 202-2036 York Ave., $321,500
This one-bedroom, in a heritage building a block from Kits Beach, was priced at $299,900. Del Rosario was ready to offer at once, but the listing agent wanted to wait for the open house. Having already lost out on two places, del Rosario bid aggressively. He offered $321,500, with no financing clause and flexible possession. He beat out 10 other bids and moved in on July 31.