Vancouver’s Best Neighbourhoods 2016

Introducing our first-ever data-driven ranking of this city’s best places to live

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.50.08 PMNeighbourhoods matter. They’re the grammar that we use to discuss our cities, the building blocks that help us construct our sense of place, and the lenses through which we experience our community. If we’re being perfectly honest, they’re also the things that we like to argue about with each other—their merits, their flaws, and which one is better than the rest.But while it’s one thing to use subjective factors to make an argument on behalf of one’s neighbourhood of choice, we thought we could do a bit better than that. A lot better, actually. That’s why we pulled together data about every aspect of life in this city and fed it into the maw of an electronic beast, one that produced what we think is the definitive ranking of Vancouver’s best neighbourhoods.That said, while our ranking is inherently data-driven, that doesn’t mean it’s completely devoid of choices or preferences. What makes a neighbourhood great to one person is often what makes it grating to another. So while we’ve created our recipe for a desirable neighbourhood, you can whip up your own as well with our interactive calculator.button2660button2newversion660

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