Why Won’t Anyone Buy Michelle Pfeiffer’s B.C. House?

It’s the $28,800,000 price tag, isn’t it?

A few years back I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at the tony Sonora Resort, and one morning we went with a guide deep up the remote Bute Inlet in search of salmon. We didn’t find any but we did come across a lone, massive house smack dab in the middle of the wilderness.“That’s Michelle Pfeiffer’s house,” the guide informed us. I was a bit shocked, but not entirely surprised. Pfeiffer’s husband, producer David E. Kelley had long peppered his TV shows—The Practice, Boston Legal—with references to the amazing fishing around British Columbia’s Desolation Sound and while I had heard whisper’s of his buying a place, the insane spread sitting before me was something else altogether. For starters, there are no neighbours at all—as in you can drive a Grady White at full throttle for five minutes in any direction and not see another house. But notwithstanding that, the house looks altogether plugged in. Huge dock, outbuildings, guest cabins. I’m mentioning this now because not long after I saw it, the house—named Fawn Bluff—hit the market.You can see the listing here, but let me just indulge in some of the highlights: 340 acres, heli-pad, heli-hanger, a one-kilometre-long spring-fed private lake with its own dock, main house, guest, house, lake house. It comes with three SUVs, which is amazing enough, but consider that this property isn’t connected to any road network other than its own! The voiceover in the video (and you have to watch the video) claims that 25 Renaissance craftsmen laboured for five years to build it, and while I think their may be a tad of hyperbole at play (I’m pretty sure they weren’t from the actual, you know, Renaissance) the place is pretty amazing. And weirdly, taxes are only $33,423.94—although I’m not sure what services you get for that.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgQfccNplDoStill. no one has ponied up the $$$ yet. It’s now been on the market for more than a year, but oddly there’s been no price drop.One assume Kelley, who is presently working on Big Little Lies 2, isn’t exactly hurting for cash. Still if you’re thinking about it, I wouldn’t sit on it—your options for comparable properties are solidly zilch in these parts.