Quiz: Are You a Canucks Superfan?

You feel more confident and successful when the Canucks are winning.

Your anxiety level increases as important games approach.

A Canuck player, coach, mascot, or Zamboni driver showed up in your dreams at least once during last season’s playoffs.

You displayed a car flag, jersey, or bumper sticker.

You downloaded software so you could troll sites like Canucks.com then toggle to a spreadsheet if the boss came by.

You’ve made a road trip expressly to support the ’Nucks.

You know how many minutes older Henrik is than Daniel.

You know other arcane facts about the Sedins, such as their Grouse Grind times and the size of their bequest to B.C. Children’s Hospital.

You use jersey numbers to help remember things like phone numbers and bicycle lock combinations.

You’ve jumped, or at least been tempted to jump, into an online discussion to defend a maligned Canuck. At least some part of your home, car, or office cubicle is colour-schemed in green-blue-and-white.

You find yourself reminiscing about the West Coast Express line.

You blame biased refereeing, injuries, or “puck luck” for Canuck losses.

You still have a soft spot for Bertuzzi.

After the riots you felt doubly bad for the players.

You pride yourself on not being a band-wagon hopper—you’ve kept the faith.

You’ve had personal contact (autograph, handshake in the mall, etc.) with at least one Canuck.

You have an opinion about whether Pavel Bure is gay.

You have an opinion about whether the “Pass It to Bulis” guys are more or less astute than the Kurtenbloggers.

You have, at least once after a victory, high-fived a stranger.

Canucks were the main reason you bought a better TV.

You sometimes taunt rival fans.

You’ve begged out of a commitment because it fell on a game night.

You know whether it’s better to shave or not before applying body paint.

You think this year will be their year.



Note: Adapted from the Sport Spectator Identification Scale, the Psychological Commitment to Team scale, the Sport Fandom Questionnaire, and other fan-affiliation research (plus one or two unscientific things we just tossed in)