The Vancouver Canucks’ Biggest Stars Designed Their Own Hats. So We Ranked Them

How did Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat and Elias Pettersson fare?

The Vancouver Canucks have one game left in a season that isprobably most aptly described as “mildly disappointing.” For stretches, theteam looked pretty good, and the young stars were entertaining most nights.

But it’s a fourth-straight season without the playoffs,coupled with the fact that the team’s decent finish to the year means that theCanucks don’t have strong odds when it comes to Tuesday’s draft lottery.

In some ways, it’s the worst result the team could havehoped for: bad enough to miss the playoffs but not bad enough to have a decentshot at landing one of the top prospects in the draft.

It’s NHL purgatory, yes. But at least the Canucks’ stars arecommitted to looking good, and offering the fans a chance at it as well.

Three of the team’s young stars—Brock Boeser, Bo Horvat and Elias Pettersson—have each designed merchandise for the Canucks’ Vanbase store.

Each player designed hats, toques, shirts and hoodies forthe store, with the hats as the main focus.

With that in mind, we just had to rank them. Keep in mindthat while this exercise is 100 percent subjective, it’s also completelybinding and authoritative.

Here we go.

3. Elias Pettersson

The most talented Canuck brings up the rear here. Why? Well, he decided to go with one of the franchise’s somewhat “meh” logos and colour schemes by featuring the Vancouver Millionaires design heavily on his hat.

The black and the burgundy are a decent pairing, but overall it’s pretty bland. And what’s with the mesh in the back? Nah, bro. Miss me with that.

2. Brock Boeser

While Pettersson’s cap was an easy choice for last, the remaining two were a tough call. Though we love Boeser’s colour scheme and the decision to include the “Flow” design on the side (contentious at first, as it appeared as though the Canucks used the design without the original artist’s consent;the matter has since been settled), the main logo on the front is pretty meh.

The Canucks have a host of logos to choose from in their 49-year existence and Boeser goes with…the word Canucks splayed across the hat? Dang. (Though that bucket hat is pretty legit.)

1. Bo Horvat

This might be a bit unfair, as Horvat chose to rep theobjectively best Canucks logo of all time. But he did it, and he mixed it witha clean, nice design that also features his number on the side. The gold is anice touch, too.

Expect fans to popularize this hat during the coming season, especially when Horvat is inevitably named captain this summer.