Vancouver’s Hockey Voices Keep Providing Entertainment in Lieu of Games

For Vancouver Canucks fans, nothing is going to be a proper substitute for the continuation of the 2019-2020 NHL season. Not even nostalgia-triggering classic games aired on Sportsnet.  

But still, it’s nice to have any reminder of what was, especially in a season that the Canucks seemed destined to be in the playoff race until the very end.

To that end, sports-loving Vancouverites have been blessed with a little new content thanks to a couple of very familiar voices in Al Murdoch and Brendan Batchelor.

Canucks PA announcer Murdoch has been posting personalized custom goal announcements on Twitter to fans desperate for some semblance of normalcy.


He even did one in celebration of some of Vancouver’s favourite sons.

Meanwhile, Sportsnet 650 play-by-play man Batchelor has asked for videos to commentate over top of, with hilarious results.

It’s not real hockey, no. But hey, it’s something.